Looking for a job


What should be included in a written application?

A written application is your personal business card and usually includes the following documents:


  • Covering letter: this explains why you are interested in this job and the reasons why you are a good choice. This letter also shows the employer that you would like to contribute to the company’s aims in the future. Don’t write a standard letter, tailor your letter to each application.
  • Curriculum vitae (CV: this provides the employer with information about you, your education and training, your previous employment and the experience you acquired and your language and IT skills. There are numerous templates for how a CV should look and what it should contain. Check out some in advance on the Internet, or look at those of friends and acquaintances and choose the one that is best for you.
  • References and qualification certificates: it is important that you are able to fully document your career, with references, without any gaps. You should also include certificates for the last education course you completed and any relevant training. Important: never send the originals, only copies!