Healthy living


How do I maintain a healthy diet?

A healthy and balanced diet is important because you will feel better for it and will be protecting yourself against illnesses. It is very important for children’s development that they eat healthy food. But what exactly is a healthy, balanced diet? This is the daily food that dieticians recommend:


  • Liquid: ideally you should drink one to two litres of fluids, preferably mineral water, tap water, unsweetened fruit teas and herbal teas. You should not drink too many drinks that contain caffeine, such as coffee, black tea or green tea.
  • 5 portions of raw or cooked fruit and vegetables in various colours. This also includes unsweetened fruit juice.
  • Three portions of carbohydrates, e.g. bread (if possible wholemeal/wholegrain), pasta/noodles, rice, corn, or other produce such as potatoes and pulses (e.g. chickpeas, lentils).
  • One portion of protein, e.g. meat, fish, eggs, cheese, tofu or quorn.
  • Three portions of dairy produce, e.g. 200 ml milk, 180 g yoghurt and 60 g cheese.
  • Use little oil and fat when cooking. Rapeseed and olive oil are very healthy.
  • Small quantities only: sweets (chocolate, cake), salty snacks (crisps), sweet drinks (colas) and alcohol. Experts recommend that children should not be given energy drinks that contain caffeine.


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