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Addiction counselling

Where can I get counselling for an addiction?

People can become addicted to various substances – alcohol, cigarettes, or medicines such as pain killers, sleeping tablets or sedatives. You can also be addicted to work, food, gambling or shopping, or to illegal drugs such as cannabis, cocaine and heroin.


Addiction and drugs affect the body and mind. Addiction to drugs can also be a problem for all the people close to you. Sometimes family members and friends do not notice your addiction for a long time; even if they do, they often don't talk about it. It is therefore important to seek professional help outside your family.


Usually people who have an addiction are not able to escape it on their own. Addiction counselling can help them to find new approaches in conjunction with specialists. It provides help and support for those affected and their families in this difficult situation.


The counselling is often free and the specialists have a duty of confidentiality. You can find the addresses of specialists in the telephone directory, or your doctor can refer you.




  • Kantonales Sozialamt Graubünden

    Grisons Cantonal Social Security OfficeGrabenstrasse 87000 Chur081 257 26
  • Beratungsstelle Blaues Kreuz Graubünden

    Advice centre of GR Blue CrossAlexanderstrasse 427000 Chur081 252 43