Children’s services

What services are available for children?

In addition to private paediatricians (children’s doctors), there are also special, free services for school children:


  • The school authorities provide a school doctor service. The school doctor visits school children in kindergarten and in years 4 and 8 of school to vaccinate them. This means that health problems can be identified and treated early.
  • School dentist and dental hygiene. Children’s teeth are examined by a school dentist once per year. In addition, the dental hygiene service calls regularly and shows children the proper way to carefully brush their teeth.
  • School Psychological Service. Provides help with your child’s educational, mental and developmental problems.

Telephone hotline for paediatric emergencies

The Paediatric Clinic at the Grisons Cantonal Hospital provides a telephone hotline for paediatric emergencies. Parents can call 0900 25 66 11 for professional answers to medical questions.


The telephone hotline is manned 24 hours per day. A call from a landline costs CHF 3.23/minute (as of January 2019). In life-threatening emergencies you should call the emergency number 144 or 112.