Mental health problems

What can I do if I have mental health problems?

Family life, personal matters and work can cause difficult situations from time to time. Mental illnesses, such as depression, are very common and affect one in three people at some time in their lives. Sufferers can feel constantly anxious, for example, or experience a crippling sadness for an extended period. Often it is impossible to overcome these illnesses without professional help.


Mental illnesses are genuine illnesses and should be treated. Psychologists or psychiatrists (doctors who specialise in the human mind = psyche) can provide you with help and support at such times in your life. The psychologist provides the patient with treatment or counselling to overcome their problem and improve the situation.


If you need help you can talk to your GP first of all. He or she can put you in touch with a specialist. Basic health insurance fund cover will only pay for treatment carried out by a doctor (psychiatrist).


All consultants and psychologists are bound by confidentiality and must not pass your information on to anyone.

Grisons Psychiatric Services

The Grisons Psychiatric Services ensures psychiatric care in inpatient, partial inpatient and also in the outpatient department for psychiatrically ill adults.



  • Psychiatrische Dienste Graubünden (PDGR)

    Grisons Psychiatric ServicesLoëstrasse 2207000 Chur058 225 25

Grisons Children’s and Youth Psychiatry

The Grisons Children’s and Youth Psychiatry is responsible for the psychiatric care of children and young people.



  • Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie Graubünden (kjp)

    Grisons Children’s and Youth PsychiatryMasanserstrasse 147000 Chur081 252 90