Choosing a career

Finding an apprenticeship

Finding an apprenticeship

The first stage for young people is to find out where apprenticeships are offered. Some places to look include the cantons’ Apprenticeship Register LENA, corporate websites, or daily newspapers.


It can be helpful to make contact with the training company in person or by telephone at the start. You will then have to apply in writing. Teachers and careers advisers will show young people how to write a CV and covering letter and fill out an application form, and tell them the documents that have to be included. Parents should provide their children with as much help as possible. Advice is also available on the Internet.


Even if they obtained good grades at school, almost all young people have to make multiple applications until they find an apprenticeship, because the choice is limited. This applies in particular to students who do not have good grades. Applicants will also increase their chances if they apply for an apprenticeship in several different professions, not just their first choice.


The choice of career and search for an apprenticeship start as early as the penultimate year of compulsory schooling. It is also possible to try apprenticeship tasters during this time.