Choosing a career

Apprenticeship rejections

How do I motivate my child when he/she is rejected?

For most young people the time when they are applying for apprenticeships is very stressful. In most trades there are more applicants than apprenticeships, which is why so many are rejected.


During this time it is particularly important for parents to talk frankly to their children about their hopes and disappointments. Help your child by boosting their confidence and bolstering them. Give them the courage to keep applying despite the rejections and not give up. Boost your child’s self-confidence.


You can also help your child by getting them to think about alternatives to their first choice of career. This is particularly advisable if there are limited apprenticeships available in their preferred trade, or their grades are not good enough. There are many careers that young people have not considered. Encourage your child to talk to their careers adviser to find the right career with good opportunities. It is worth consulting a careers adviser in any case.