Raising children

Raising children

What is important when raising my child?

The needs of children all over the world are the same. They need closeness and physical contact, security and affection, conversation and a stimulating environment, recognition as a separate, unique person and trust in their abilities.


In the past children were brought up to know their place in society. They had to learn to obey. Nowadays the emphasis is much more on children developing their personal strengths. It is up to parents to create the right conditions and provide guidance so that their children can grow up to achieve this.



How can my child develop his or her personal strengths?

Children need adults who take time to talk and listen to them. Children need adults who encourage them to try to new things. Children need adults to cheer them up when something is difficult and requires tenacity. Children also need role models who show them how to deal with conflict and resolving issues.


Parents must protect children from dangers that they are as yet unable to gauge. To do this, they have to set boundaries and make clear rules. It is also important that children learn to decide for themselves. They should develop their own opinions and learn to clearly say yes or no.


From when your child is little you should take its feelings and thoughts seriously. Give children the courage to express themselves. Give them the scope to decide for themselves. This helps children to develop self-confidence and their individual strengths.