Raising children

Issues associated with raising children

Where can I find out about raising children?

The “Pro Juventute parent information letters” provide easy-to-understand explanations with lots of tips. From birth to six years you will regularly receive information that is tailored to your child’s age and stage of development. Many municipalities support this initiative and send the letters to parents. You can also subscribe to them direct from Pro Juventute.


Pro Juventute has published the “Our child” (Unser Kind) brochure in various languages. These brochures also cover the period from birth to six years – one brochure per year.


There are many events and courses on the subject of bringing up children, for couples who are going to have a baby, for example, for single parents, parents who speak a foreign language, or parents of adolescents. Parent education supports and promotes parents’ knowledge of bringing up children and their relationship with the child.


Maybe you are at home alone with your child and have specific questions, or have very little free time? A one-to one consultation on the telephone – which may be possible in your language – can be very useful. There are also Internet forums for parents, where other parents offer answers to lots of questions. Some of the Internet editions of family magazines have well-developed information and service sections that contain essential information.