Raising children

Violence against children

Can I hit my child?

Violence towards children is banned in Switzerland. In addition, beating a child only has a negative impact. Your relationship with your child will be permanently damaged. It promotes distrust and feelings of powerlessness. Hitting children damages their feeling of self-worth and weakens their self-confidence. Perhaps the child will come to believe that the use of violence is a way to resolve conflicts and will start to hit other children. Children who are beaten are usually difficult to deal with. They experience more physical and mental problems, or problems at school.


Hitting children is therefore counterproductive. Maybe a mother or father “lashes out” in a moment of stress. What matters is how you react afterwards. Parents can apologise. In a quiet moment, they can talk to the child about what caused the situation to escalate and think together about a better way to react if the situation occurs again.


The Elternotruf advice centre offers parents, families and carers help and advice 24 hours per day in emergencies or in answer to questions concerning bringing up children and their development. Advice by telephone or e-mail is free. Telephone 0848 35 45 55.


The 147 emergency Pro Juventute helpline supports children and young people with questions, problems and emergencies. Available 24/7. Contact via telephone SMS, chat, e-mal and web service.