Young children


What do young children need to develop well?

Young children need support, care, healthy food, exercise, contact with other children, sufficient sleep, security and love. They also need stimulation and encouragement to help prepare them for school and later life.


You should make time for your child regularly. Tell your child a story, sing a song, or look at a picture book with him or her. Walks are also a great way to discover new things and to learn. Take your child to the playground often, so it can play and run around with other children. As they chat and play, children learn many of the things that are important for their development and success in school later – how to listen, express themselves, observe things, find their way about and concentrate.


As children explore the world, play with other children, sing, listen to stories, discover nature and run about they are gaining key experiences that will be important later in nursery and at school.


Grisons also has special activities to help promote your child’s early development, such as baby swimming lessons, toddler groups, parent and child gym sessions and playgroups.

Find out what is available in your region from other parents or from your municipality.

65 short films in 13 languages

Parents can help their child’s development in countless everyday situations that blend experiencing, exploring, playing and learning – helping in the workshop, peeling carrots in the kitchen, or playing in puddles.


These 65 short films, available in 13 languages, provide lots of ideas and suggestions.