School system

How does the school system in Grisons work?

In Switzerland the school system differs from canton to canton. In the canton of Grisons, school is compulsory from ages 7 to 16 (primary school and secondary stage I) and lasts 9 years.


Most children attend Kindergarten or nursery for two years before they start school. Kindergarten is followed by primary school (six years) and then secondary stage I (three years). There are different types of secondary stage I school, of varying degrees of difficulty. In Grisons there are Realschule (general level of ability), Sekundarschule (more demanding), and Untergymnasium or Gymnasium at grammar school level.

State schooling is known as Volksschule, or elementary school, and is free. Parents are free to choose a private school for their children. Private schools charge fees. In the canton of Grisons responsibility for compulsory education lies with the Department for Elementary Education and Sport. The municipalities organise how schools are run.


Information about anything connected with school and education can be obtained from the school in the community where you live or from the Amt für Volksschule und Sport (Department for Elementary Education and Sport).




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