School grades

School grades

At the end of each term students in the canton of Grisons receive a grade card, which may be supplemented by a personal report. The report provides information about the child’s current level of learning and important aspects of their attitude to learning, work ethic and social skills. For students in years 1 and 2 of primary school, the report may take the form of a grade card or a report.


The grades range from 1 to 6.


The grades mean:


1 = Very poor

2 = Poor

3 = Insufficient

4 = Sufficient

5 = Good

6 = Excellent


The report may also include half marks, such as 4.5 (Satisfactory) or 5.5 (Very good).


Parents must sign the report and the child has to return it to the school.



At the end of the school year the class teacher decides whether or not the student can move up to the next class (promotion). The class teacher will also consult other teachers who have taught the child. When making the decision they take into account how well the student has achieved the learning objectives and how their learning, work ethic and social skills have progressed.


It is usual for the teacher to meet the parents and child to discuss these issues before taking the decision on promotion.