Support for school children

How do I support my child?

How can I support my child’s education?

The most important thing is that you show an interest in school and what your child is learning. As often as you can, ask your son or daughter “How was Kindergarten/school today?” Or “What did you do?”. Take time to listen. Be happy for your child when they have succeeded at something and encourage them when they are still finding something difficult.


Ensure that your child does his or her homework regularly (in the same place and at the same time) after school without distractions (no television or radio).


Make sure that your child goes to bed early and is fully rested in the morning. Ensure that your child eats something in the morning and has a healthy snack at school. Children who watch a lot of TV or play a lot of computer games can develop concentration problems. It is therefore a good idea to set limits for your child.


The worlds of school and home can be very different. It is sometimes difficult for children to integrate the rules and values of both worlds. It is therefore important for parents, teachers and carers to maintain contact and work together. If there is good cooperation between the adults, it will be easier for the child to concentrate on school and learning.