Clubs and associations

Clubs and associations

Why will joining a club help me?

Every community has numerous clubs that cater for women, men, children, young people and senior citizens.


The clubs and associations play an important part in daily life and promote contact with the people who live here. There are football clubs, chess clubs, musical societies, cultural associations, political associations, women’s associations and many others.


Being an active member of a club or association is an enjoyable and sociable way to spend your time. You will also feel good that you are doing something worthwhile. More and more immigrants are getting involved in clubs and associations, as well as native Swiss people. They will give you an opportunity to improve your knowledge of the local language and get to know people who have the same interests as you. You will gradually expand your network of contacts and feel more at home in the community or district.


Clubs and associations are open to anyone who shares the same interest. Make enquiries at your municipality about the clubs that are available and their contact details. Many municipalities also publish a list of clubs and associations on the Internet.


The canton is also home to a large number of associations for immigrants. You can obtain information from the municipality where you are living or from the website under Kurse/Angebote