Conflicts in partnerships

There can be various reasons for conflicts and crises in partnerships, such as when the partners’ interests and goals or values are in conflict. Individuals and couples all deal with conflicts differently. There are special advice centres that help couples to find a solution in conflict situations.


Family conflicts

Difficult and stressful situations may occur in families when parents and children frequently argue, for example, or a family member is experiencing problems in their life. In such cases parents and children can get help by contacting appropriate counselling organisations. The Parent’s Emergency Helpline offers parents 24-hour advice and support relating to bringing up children, child development, or when there is a danger that the parent or someone else might be violent towards the child. For free advice, telephone 0848 35 45 55.


The 147 emergency Pro Juventute helpline supports children and young people with questions, problems and emergencies. Available 24/7. Contact via telephone SMS, chat, e-mal and web service.