Health insurance

Saving money

How can I reduce health insurance fund costs?

Health insurance fund premiums can make a big dent in a household budget. There are various ways to reduce premium costs:


  • Pay a high excess. A high excess (maximum CHF 2,500) greatly reduces the premiums. Note: This is only worthwhile if you are infrequently ill and don’t need to go to the doctor often.
  • A cheap health insurance fund. Compare the health insurance funds’ premiums and benefits, using the premium calculator on the government website, for example.
  • The canton’s individual premium discounts. People on a low income are entitled to cantonal premium discounts. This means that the canton pays some of the health insurance fund premiums. You have to submit a form every year by the deadline to register your claim. You can find out about this from the community where you are living, or the Grisons Social Insurance Office.