Proof of language competency

Proof of language competency

Proof of language competency

Greater emphasis is placed on integration in both the new Ausländer- und Integrationsgesetz (Foreign Nationals and Integration Act - AIG) and new Federal citizenship legislation (BüG; BüV). The criteria for integration also include language competency. This must be proved by an official language competency certificate for certain immigration authority approval procedures and for naturalisation. Contact the Amt für Migration und Zivilrecht Graubünden (Graubünden Office for Migration and Civil Law) for information about the applicable requirements and how to provide proof of language competency.


fide proof of language competency

fide proof of language competency lets you prove oral and written competency at levels A1-B1 in the Swiss national languages of German, French and Italian.


There are accredited, certifying institutions, which hold fide competency tests several times per year, in all areas of Switzerland.


How do I obtain the fide language passport?

You will receive the language passport after you have completed the fide language competency test. The passport contains separate details of your oral and written language competency.


If you are already in possession of a recognised language competency certificate, you can submit this to the fide office and you will be issued with a fide language passport for a fee.


If your language competency is at B1 level or above and you can prove this, you can obtain a language passport by means of a validation portfolio.


Visit the fide web portal for more information.